Business project development and support

It is difficult to be always innovative. It is more difficult to be socially useful. We know the way in which it is possible:

  • to integrate innovation and public benefit into your workflows;
  • to ensure the strategic and sustainable development of your organization from project to project;
  • to get the maximum benefits and profit from it.

What we do

  1. We provide a detailed project plan.
  2. We develop project documentation.
  3. We exchange information between participants.
  4. We carry out monitoring and control.
  5. We provide consulting support for the project.
  6. We prepare reporting on time.

Who benefits from it

It is optimal to use this service in case of:

  • limited project timeframe and long-term staff training;
  • the project is non-core for the organization;
  • a need for professional leader with unique experience;
  • a need for independent consultant / manager.

How we do it

  1. We negotiate, discuss the terms of service.
  2. Sign the service agreement and receive a prepayment.
  3. We accompany the business project.
  4. We provide interim reports.
  5. Full payment for the service provided.

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