Preparing organizations for grant financing

What is it:

We provide assistance in the area of new processes and systems implementation to maximize productivity within the difficult task of raising money. The grant preparation service is ideally suited to institutions (profit / non-profit / governmental) that are just looking for a potential donor or have already identified a grant program and are clearly aware of the organizational challenges that are to be overcome.

What we do:

We recommend ordering this service together with organizational audit, which provides a clear picture of potential issues in the organizational structure and management approaches, and indicates potential that can be strengthened. Such comprehensive analysis combines of internal processes with external factors and conditions that affect the organization activities. Firstly, we suggest you setting realistic goals and creating a roadmap for change.

How we do it:

We will try to bring not only expertise and discipline, but also demonstrate a creative and inclusive approach to developing a capacity-building strategy through regular consultations. We become an extra resource that increases your competitiveness compared to other organizations applying for grant funding through hands-on collaboration with your team.

Your organization need a preparation for grant financing in the following cases:

  • You are planning to receive a grant for scientific research and promotion of innovation, corporate social responsibility projects and the creation of social enterprises, a grant in the fields of agriculture, medicine, ecology, business recovery, etc., but do not have sufficient awareness of the grant requirements.
  • In general, you know which project you would like to implement. However, you need to involve partners, but you do not have documented evidence of cooperation with foreign companies, end users, public organizations, public authorities at the moment.

What you get:

  • Appropriate information and advisory support regarding key donor requirements for the enterprise under a grant program;
  • A step-by-step plan to implement the organizational change management system and report on the audit results of the company records and financial statements;
  • A list of measures to bring internal processes at the enterprise to technological and corporate standards put forward by donors to potential grantees;
  • Legal support in building a consortium with potential partners.


It takes about 1-3 months to prepare the enterprise / organization. Then, the organization is ready to submit a project proposal, which will be evaluated by a panel of independent experts in accordance with the approved criteria of a competition.

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