Project management

What is it:

We are ready not only to provide assistance with project management, but also to work with you, training your staff to achieve the best results from planning and preparation to implementation and execution of your project.

You need to be aware that convincing success in project management depends on quality communication with stakeholders, establishing relationships with donors (including qualitative and regular reporting), meeting targets, and consistent activity of project leaders who are responsible for the case and have sufficient resources to do the work.

What we do:

We would like your projects not only to be implemented successfully, but also to create the basis for strengthening your organizational culture, values and mission. We work in the format of outsourcing project office, which is completed by specialists according to the particular project peculiarities. We are ready to take the operational coordination and control over all parameters of the project implementation - to ensure the execution of works on time, within the budget and in the required quality parameters.

How we do it:

  • We are working together with the customer on the project task;
  • The concept of the project is developed and substantiated;
  • We formulate and justify the approximate project budget;
  • We perform systematic project planning at all stages of its life cycle;
  • We select contractors at each project stage from the available resources of the company or through the tender procedure;
  • We design and prepare the necessary specifications, documentation and current financial and non-financial project reports;
  • We ensure effective project management and changes that are inevitable during the project, taking into account the so-called human factor; managing work progress; forming regular reports for the client on the project progress; making the necessary coordination with stakeholders and partners; managing project finances; billing and payment tracking. We keep track of project costs and timelines and  provide the necessary corrective action;
  • We organize the effective project completion (report on the results) and submit to the customer a complete archive of project materials.

You need our project management service in the following cases:

  • you would like to increase the efficiency of the organization project activity by attracting third-party highly qualified specialists with extensive experience in the field;
  • your staff does not have sufficient project management competencies or the number of qualified staff, that could perform the work, is insufficient;
  • your organization does not have the information, market knowledge or relevant information from the project / product / service launch area;
  • you need a fresh insight on the problem, the possible risks assessment, and a rethinking of the project's challenges “from the other side”;
  • you have problems in establishing internal communication between the different units / staff responsible for project implementation.

What you get:

  • Operational awareness (regular objective information on the project progress, identified risks and suggestions for minimizing their consequences);
  • Ability to make quality management decisions, provided both at strategic and operational levels;
  • Achieving project goals (a unique product that meets the business / organization needs; a team that shares the ideology of the transformations trained to work in new conditions; maximum stakeholder loyalty to work in the new environment by meeting their project product requirements);
  • Project budget adherence (control over targeted use of funds)


It depends on the project duration.

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