Оrganizational audit

What is it:

The primary goal of an organizational audit is to assess your institution's readiness to implement a project, scale up its activity or receive donor funding or investment. We are working with you as one team. We analyze the organization's ability to implement project management processes and improve financial management procedures. We examine the current state of internal policies and their implementation, review the organizational structure to meet specific development requirements, communicate with both the organization's leaders and its beneficiaries, community representatives and other interested stakeholders on the vision of your organization's role in society, and we provide relevant recommendation.

What we do:

We make sure that your organization's potential is consistent with both available and potential resources: thus, organizational audit involves not only internal processes and procedures analyze, but evaluating staff activity, including available technology and methods. All obtained data gives us the information we need to develop an organizational improvement program. This program aims to upgrading the components with the biggest potential in terms of maximizing the effectiveness of your organization.

How we do it:

The main organizational audit task is to check the effectiveness of management processes. Such activity provides inventory and evaluation of organizational structure management processes, identifies the main recipients of the organization's services, establishes relationships between different business processes, and assesses the completeness and relevance of the rules of procedure in the organization. Thus, you gain a comprehensive understanding of the “weaknesses” and possible problems that slow down your organization's development.

You need the organizational audit in the following cases:

  • The strategic assets of the organization do not produce the expected results for a long time,;
  • There is a need to identify competitive advantages and develop a new company / organization strategy;
  • You are planning internal optimization, management and internal efficiency improvement projects;
  • You are developing a merger or acquisition plan that takes into account all the nuances and subtleties of your activity;
  • You are planning changes in the management of your organization. The potential organization management is interested in obtaining objective information about the state of affairs in the organization / company;
  • You are planning scaling activities, opening branches or regional units, and you require increased management within a growing network.

What you get:

  • Objective assessment of resources and organizational problems of your company;
  • Description of problem areas and functions that are duplicated or “not optimized” and recommendations for business process optimization capabilities;
  • Improvement of organizational management qualification, conserning structural analysis;
  • Proposal for the main strategic directions of enterprise / organization development for 2-3 years.


In general, an organizational audit takes 12-14 weeks. Thus, don’t wait for a long time for activities that can help you be more successful already in the short term.

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