Search for business partners

Choosing a co-founder is like getting married, and founder conflict is just as ugly as divorce” - Peter Thiel “Zero to One”.

There are many ways how to find partners, but you can save your time and resources, and to provide it to our specialists. Synergy Development Consulting will help to identify potential business partners on the basis of your requirements, to establish contact with them and offer a mutually beneficial terms of cooperation for both sides.

What we do

  1. Collecting data about potential partners on the market (at the national and international level).
  2. Provision of opportunities for cooperation.
  3. Negotiation and organization of meetings of business partners.

For whom it is beneficial

Optimal use of this service if the plans of the organization:

  • find a trading and industrial partners for business; assess the prospects of the foreign market;
  • improve the existing business through the acquisition of advanced technology and attract investment from abroad;
  • searching for new markets;
  • searching for new ideas for business improvement.

How we do it

  1. The signing of the contract.
  2. Searching and preparation of a list of potential partners.
  3. Assessment of the partner's potential.
  4. Organization of negotiations.
  5. Success fee.

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