Synergy Fundraising Brunches
(Kyiv, 3 hours of live communication)

Do you have a great idea but do not enough money?
Are you looking for more financing for your business?

Then, we invite you to visit our


What is waiting for you

3 hours

100% fundraising and networking

It’s the morning

The morning that can give your project a second breath.


Free of charge participation.

Why it is impossible to miss this

  • The live meeting format provides the possibility for better exchange of information.
  • You will receive impartial feedback about your project from experts and colleagues.
  • It’s a possibility to communicate with colleagues and associates.
  • This is your opportunity to talk about yourself and your project
  • This is your chance to get a free face-to-face consultation from Svitlana Olienikova.
  • Brainstorming with colleagues will provide new ideas and inspiration for their implementation.
  • New contacts, possible partnerships, fresh ideas and opportunities.

Brunch program

Step 1
We are gathering

We are gathering in a cozy place and make acquaintance.

Step 2
We are listening

We are listening to useful life hacks from experts.

Step 3
We are asking

“Question and answer” section.

Step 4
We are presenting

Simulator of meeting with investor- 5 minutes to present your project (you may cheer for colleagues).

Step 5
We are defining

We are defining the best project for that day!

We invite you for our brunch!