Strategic development plans preparation

What it is:

The presence of well-constructed strategy helps to determine the long term perspective and do business based on the impact of various types of rapid change.

Our experts will not just help you develop a strategy, they also provide a process of development so that what you get at the output caused admiration and desire to move forward, according to:

  • selected strategic areas;
  • identified organization's goals;
  • comprehensive analysis of the external and internal environment;
  • selected indicators of success.

For whom it is beneficial:

Optimal use of this service in case:

  • organization builds expectations for the future and wants to define the resources foe achieving them;
  • in objectives and bringing ideas to the company's employees;
  • decisions are taken on the efficient use of the available organization's resources;
  • planned changes in the company, including in terms of organizational structure;
  • expected revision of the Plan of Implementation

What we do:

  • Strategic analysis of the company's environment.
  • Defining the mission, goals and strategic priorities of the business project or non-profit organization.
  • Formation of the company's strategy on the business level and the corporation as a whole.
  • Forming functional strategies: marketing, finance, general and personnel management, industrial and innovation strategy.
  • Implementation of enterprise strategy on a tactical level and operational plans.
  • Expertise of the company's strategy and its components.

How we do it:

  • Quick Strategy Planning Analysis.
  • Signing a contract for services.
  • Prepayment.
  • Strategic planning and implementation on business-level.
  • Provision of interim and final reports.
  • Monitoring.
  • Payment for services.
  • Consulting support.

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